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Monday, March 26, 2007

SuperCub Fever!

Snowbird, Utah

Jeremy, Me, Danny, and David. Accolades to the Utah powder.

Lenticular clouds clue in to the approaching winds

No Kangaroos

Austrian Alps, good times. Medical conference, it's all play and no work

The view out my window

The tranquil moments prior to the horse mistaking Sandra's fingers, wrist, and upper torso as a carrot. It's all a part of animal husbandry.

Gotta strap some planks on when you're in the Alps

Valley with resorts all around

Innsbruck is an idyllic mountain town

It's White

My new Corvette gets the handshake from Spring Mountain Motorsports Race Track, Nevada

Throttle Up

A little snow is all mother nature could come up with on this ride. North Cascades, Washington. Loving' it!

Here's a totally candid picture, not at all staged, completely spontaneous, I didn't even know the camera was on...

I relax for a nap, the mechanic goes to work

All tuckered out, mechanic falls asleep at the socket